Learn to Travel, Travel to Learn

Vaibhav, Business Development manager at EdQuest shares why he thinks kids should travel.

I always used to wonder how can I travel more and live a balanced life. People often, come to regret to have missed out on the chances they could travel. But is it so difficult? Some people take travel as an escape, and some want to explore new cultures and regions. And then come the passionate ones who live to travel. For me, it helps to know myself better and puts me in touch with my spiritual side. Well today, I never give a second thought to an opportunity to travel. I trust my intuition and let it take me to places. Pre-planning is important to save your time, energy and money. You need to know the transport timings, accommodation options and have a geographical understanding of the place.

I crave new challenges and experiences. With my experiences as a traveler, I realised the problems that usually give us discomfort, are mere trifles, and there is much more to live for in this beautiful world. Remember where you are, it is exactly where you’re supposed to be. Travel helps us appreciate nature. My experiences have taught me that people will help you rather than hurt you, there is so much love in this world. A simple smile is the weapon you can use to overcome any problem with. It symbolises warmth and honesty. Language is not required to connect with people, it is the smile and the eyes which speaks from the soul. People whom you meet during your journey, become your home. You get inspired by them and thrive to do better in life. Travel provides learning and education about the places you visit. It is a retreat from the fret and fever of daily life.

Your travel expeditions make you a self-empowered individual. You will be surprised to know how easily you can overcome all the problems and distractions of life. Your vision of life gets clear and you get to know what you want to do with your life. Travel helps to broaden your perspective on time. A new adventure makes you smarter, stronger, wiser and attractive. Travel has taught me to do what I can to make a difference. You realise the importance of happiness in life. Travel is for self-development. Invest in travel for the experiences it has to offer. Life is too short, and the only thing that will stay with you forever is all the adventures you took up.

1400 years ago, Mohammed said: “Don’t tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you have travelled.”

I believe if we never stop travelling, nothing can hinder our personal growth. Take courage, and step out to explore the world and yourself beyond limits. Always trust your Gut. Remember, Travel is not a passion, it is a necessity.

EdQuest offers global learning opportunities in the form of international educational tours, short-term and long-term cultural exchange programs, international conferences and summer schools for students with an aim of revitalising classroom education by using travel as a medium. Discover more programs at www.edquest.tours