High School Exchange programs
for Indian students:
Every question answered

While high school student exchange programs are quite popular in the west, they are just beginning to trend in India. Part of the reason has been lack of awareness and easy accessibility to these programs in India. However, the main reason has been that living in a different country, and paying the tuition fee of a good private school abroad will take some toll on your pocket which most middle class parents earlier hesitated in.

But things are a-changing. A huge number of Indians now go for their higher studies abroad, and parents are now more willing than ever to invest more for their kid’s education from an early stage.

We try to demystify few things here.

What is a high-school exchange program?

A student exchange program is a short-term program wherein a secondary school student studies at an international school in a different country, and lives with a host family.

Why choose one?

With the world being so much more than what we know, and with an aim to add quality to education, these programs provide young individuals with a platform to develop life skills and understand the world better.

The type of international learning and knowledge a student is vulnerable to, propels him/her to understand and embrace the diversity across the world. Students learn how to co-exist, and feel compassion for the perspectives of foreign communities. He discovers his/her individuality for he learns the art of decision-making and taking ownership of the consequences.

Would it help me later for higher education?

Although it wouldn’t guarantee an admission, these programs would help you in enhancing global career opportunities ​and laying a foundation of knowledge, skills and maturity, which most good universities in US, UK and Europe immediately recognise.

Where do I stay while on an exchange?

In a typical exchange, you live with a host family. Integrating yourself into someone else’s family can be quite challenging, especially when the nationalities create polarities. But once you accept them as your own, you find your home. Here, you get to exchange cultures, learn about the family system, and celebrate festivals.

How much does an exchange program cost?

How much you’ll end up spending while on an exchange depends on the country you choose and the duration you spend there. A short 2 week exchange in Singapore can be for less than 2 lakhs, whereas an year exchange in USA can cost more than 10 lakhs.

(You can request prices for an exchange program in your preferred country here)

What are the most popular destinations that Indian students go for?

Most applications that we receive are for Europe and United States due to scope of higher education in these countries. However, every once in a while students explore new territories just to travel and learn in places like Japan, China, Brazil, Italy etc. Sometimes, when there are budget constraints, Indian students often travel to South-east Asian countries.

What about my education back home?

Unless you are appearing for your board examinations in CBSE or ICSE, you just need to get your school on board about your exchange. If you’re studying abroad for a complete year, schools mostly accept your scores from the school that you are doing exchange in. However, it is an independent decision.

If you’re going through us, we go an extra mile to talk to the school officially on our behalf and provide all necessary documentation that you would need to get the school on board.

If you have your board exams, you can choose a shorter timeline such that it doesn’t clash with your final exams. Some students even take a gap year because of the amount of learning it has to offer.

If you’re studying in IB board, you can most likely find an international school abroad with the same curriculum which won’t disrupt your education at all.

Where can I find one and how to enrol?

Go to our website here to browse through options. If you like one, request price quotation for your preferred program. You’ll receive all the information you need on an email and our travel counsellors will get in touch to guide you through the process based on your preferences!

Exchange programs might feel as a super-added concept, but they pave the path to create confident young individuals. Education should not be linear its approach, for there is more to it than scorecards. International exposure is an estimate of personal adaptability, and instils young individuals with compassion for one and all. To have taken up such a program not only ensures a well-rounded personal development, but it is appreciated for tertiary education. Such programs make you a more aware individual, who strives to make the world a better place.

If you have more questions, we’ll be happy to answer in the comments.

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