OUR VISION To empower every young person to find their element and explore the world ‘within’.


We enable students to immerse
in different cultures, explore
historic sites, impart the ability
to learn how to learn

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  • Cross Cultural Understanding
    to encourage co-existence & cultural tolerance

  • Self Serve Content
    to aid dynamic experiential learning & development

  • Peer to Peer Learning
    to mobilize shared intelligence

  • Strength Assessments
    to develop self awareness

  • Storytelling
    to fuel understanding and retention

  • Workshops
    to trigger critical thinking and problem solving

  • Debriefing Spaces
    to harness shared awareness of the group


We are in the business of Revitalizing Education. Experiential Development is our formula.

As human beings, we all live in two worlds. There is a world around us- the world of objects, events, places and other people. And there is a world within us- built of our beliefs, choices and perceptions. We only know the world around us through the world within us.

At EdQuest, we understand that all children are unique individuals with their own aspirations, passions, strengths, talents and values. It is therefore, essential that they have opportunities to explore the range of their abilities and strengths and find the right tools to express themselves, creatively.

We believe an experience-led approach is absolutely fundamental to learning where children can indulge in their imagination, experiment with a range of ideas and push the boundaries of reality- empowering them to be lifelong learners who take ownership of their education.


At EdQuest, we cultivate a conducive environment to nurture your child's innate appetite to explore and forge the capacity to learn.

We nurture in children the ability to ask the right questions, explore unprecedented possibilities and exercise their powers of creativity and imagination. By guiding their curiosity, we encourage them to develop fresh perspectives, discover their passions & strengths and understand their personal values.

We enable children to learn as a group, spark expression to communicate effectively, constructively help others develop and foster a positive social behaviour.

By guiding through a process of experiential development, we build the approach and attitude that will enable your children to pursue the things they want to be great at, thrive in real-world challenges and surmount complexity.


At EdQuest, we orchestrate the role of experiential learning in sparking expression of your child’s intrinsic interests and passions.

We enable your child to exercise the power of his/her creativity and imagination to experiment, explore, question and push the boundaries of reality, all while nurturing curiosity and developing a sense of understanding and self-esteem.

We are committed to building the outlook and skills needed to adapt, collaborate and lead in today’s rapidly changing world.

Thank you for trusting us with your child’s experiential development.