We are in the business of Revitalizing Education.
Experiential Development is our formula.
At EdQuest, we believe in cultivating a conducive environment to nurture a child's innate appetite to explore and forge the capacity to learn.

We believe an experience-led approach is absolutely fundamental to learning where children can indulge in their imagination, experiment with a range of ideas and push the boundaries of reality- empowering them to be lifelong learners who take ownership of their education.

By guiding through a process of experiential development, we cultivate the approach and attitude that will enable children to pursue the things they want to be great at, thrive in real-world challenges and surmount complexity.


We enable students to immerse in different cultures, explore historic sites, impart the ability to learn how to learn,

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  • Cross Cultural Understanding
    to encourage
    co-existence & cultural tolerance

  • Self Serve Content
    to aid dynamic experiential
    learning & development

  • Peer to Peer Learning
    to mobilize shared intelligence

  • Strength Assessments
    to develop self awareness

  • Storytelling
    to fuel understanding and retention

  • Workshops
    to trigger critical
    thinking and problem solving

  • Debriefing Spaces
    to harness shared
    awareness of the group

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